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Real problems that affect Idaho families and their ability to prosper.

Cristina McNeil has a comprehensive platform on Education, Healthcare, Immigration Reform, Labor and Infrastructure.


We need to focus on the right priorities for Idaho.

~ Cristina McNeil for Congress ~




“We are moving forward to focus on the right set of priorities.”

— Cristina McNeil for congress


In 2015 the US Department of Education ranked Idaho 2nd in the nation for shortage of qualified teachers. I support teacher wages that recognize the value the people of Idaho place on education.

Idaho is identified as the state that has the lowest percent of children in preschool. I support early childhood education that prepares youth for kindergarten and elementary education.

Higher education students struggle with the high tuition costs, high student debt and lack of reasonable loan options. I support developing more options for financing student loan debt and adequate funding of our public higher education institutions.

As your Congresswoman, I will fight to change the downward trends in education and prioritize the education of our youth. Our children are our future.


The removal of the individual mandate for health insurance does not change the fact that the people of Idaho want and need health care insurance. I support the Idaho Healthcare Exchange.

I will protect funding for CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

$3.3 billion will be left on the table over the next decade if Idaho does not expand Medicaid. Bringing Idaho federal tax dollars home to help Idahoans is smart policy. I support the Medicaid expansion for those in the gap, low income workers who do not earn enough for a subsidy. I support the citizen ballot initiative for the people to vote on Medicaid Expansion in November.

Further work to control costs and provide coverage should be a high priority for the next Congress. I believe health care is a basic need and should be available to all.

Immigration Reform

Our immigration system is antiquated, complex and broken. I support DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) & DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) as reasonable steps and responsible immigration policy. A bipartisan group worked for years to re-evaluate, re-establish and implement new steps to modernize our immigration law. If we have the political will, it should not take years to implement changes.

I will push to increase the H-2A (Temporary Agricultural Worker permit) and H-2B (Temporary Business Worker permit), to expand temporary guest worker permit to cover areas where immigrants may fill labor shortages. Idaho has nearly 100,000 immigrant residents and according to New American Economy, undocumented immigrants paid nearly $565 million in taxes in recent years even though they cannot receive food stamps, Medicaid or any other government benefits.

The public has been misinformed about this complex issue and we must set the record straight. Our national economy benefits from immigrant spending to the tune of $1.8 billion. Immigrant entrepreneurs and employees at immigrant owned firms provide a vibrant force in today’s economy. Idaho is the fastest growing State. We cannot plant and harvest our crops, tend our livestock and operate our dairies without immigrants. The Idaho Dairymen's Association estimate immigrants make up more than 85% of the State's 8,300 dairy employees. Taking labor out of the hands of employers harms Idaho’s economy. I support farmers, ranchers, dairymen, and all industries that struggle with labor shortages.


As your Member of Congress, I support an increase in the minimum wage, maternity leave pay, and equal pay for women. I support the right to collective bargaining for fair wages, benefits and safe work site conditions.


Idaho and America will benefit from responsible spending on infrastructure. I support maintaining our Interstate Highway network, adding rapid electric energy refueling stations to our national highway network, and development of passenger light rail mass transit. I support rural access to high speed internet, adequate water and sewer systems, and maintaining our water way freight network. Funding these projects through Highway Trust Funds, user fees, fuel taxes and general revenue creates real assets that puts America to work strengthening our nation.

As a Member of Congress, it will be my honor to devote myself to pursuing legislation to support and move people out of poverty and into the middle class, build and protect strong communities, and to be an advocate for my constituents who need assistance dealing with the federal bureaucracy. 

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